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Aims and Ethos

School Aims

Our core purpose is to enable all children to develop their confidence, all round ability and unique talents to the highest level that they can achieve. Therefore, we aim to:

  • value and respect all children as individuals and to develop their confidence and self esteem so to encourage them to want to excel for themselves and for the school community.
  • teach a rich, broad, balanced, bespoke and relevant curriculum that encompasses the Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum, so that all children acquire learning skills and a knowledge and understanding of the world we live in.
  • help children develop lively, imaginative, enquiring minds; the ability to question, argue rationally and problem solve; the ability to become independent learners.
  • develop children’s understanding and regard for the rights and beliefs of others, and a concern for the environment and the world we live in, in order that they develop as considerate, well-mannered, informed, responsible, positive and active citizens.
  • provide a happy, caring, secure, stimulating and organised learning environment that acts as a motivational force for all children and encourages their participation in its creation and care.
  • widen learning opportunities so that children are introduced to new and enriched learning experiences.

We believe in the contribution and value of all children and adults within the school community and we show this in the way we relate to one another. We are committed to supporting the continuous professional learning of all staff through development and training.

School Ethos

We believe ours is a happy, caring school in which each and every member of the school community is valued and respected by every other member.  We are committed to developing the attributes of kindness, confidence, resilience and fearlessness.  Our belief in treating one another with kindness and consideration is encapsulated in our school prayer:

Dear Lord,
This day we pray,
We may befriend another,
To see their needs
And share with them
Warmth and caring within our school.

We believe children learn best in a calm, purposeful atmosphere and we believe in creating a stimulating, organised learning environment in which every child is encouraged to realise his or her potential. The endeavours of all children are valued, and achievements are celebrated and shared. We believe in setting high standards in every aspect of school life, for example, presentation of work, dress, manners, speech, attitudes to others and work. We are committed to the values of truth, integrity and honesty.

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