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Autumn 2023

Children’s studies
Activities will be adapted for remote learning.

In science children will be learning Me and My World, including our bodies, healthy eating and oral
hygiene. Children’s studies will be complemented by a science workshop provided by Set Point
Hertfordshire. They will also be studying seasonal change, incorporating a walk through our woods. In
design and technology children will be developing their cutting skills and using a wide variety of construction
materials to make their own puppet. In history children will be focusing on their growing up memories, and
stories that develop their understanding of change. In religious education the children will be examining the
events in their lives that they celebrate and why. In art they will be learning the skills involved in painting,
including colour mixing, and will be painting self-portraits. In music they will be learning new songs and
exploring sound patterns, as well as singing familiar songs. They will also be learning a range of nursery
rhymes. In computing children will become familiar with Beebots and iPads. In Personal and Social
Education (PSED) children will learn about relationships and rules to support getting on with one another, turn taking and sharing.

Summer 2023

Children’s studies
Activities will be adapted for remote learning.

In science children will be finding out about Minibeasts and how to care for living things. Their
literacy studies will include rhyming songs, such as Tiny Caterpillar on a Leaf, Wiggly Worm, and
stories by Eric Carle, in particular The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the Woolly Bear by Julia
Donaldson. They will be investigating the school grounds in geography, describing features they see.
Their studies will be supported by exploring the minibeasts and living things in our school
environment, from the woods to the borders of our field, to the hedgerows. Children will also be
visiting Waltham Abbey gardens on the 29th June. In religious education they will be exploring
stories important to different religions. In art children will be studying Vincent Van Gogh’s depiction
of sunflowers in his painting ‘Sunflowers’. In design and technology children will be creating
minibeasts used reclaimed materials. In music they will accompany new songs with movements and
instruments. In computing they will be developing their directional skills. In PSED, children will be
investigating how we look after our environment and the people who help us in our community.

Spring 2023

Class studies ~ here are details of the topics that the children are studying this term.

As part of the curriculum, all children, from Reception onwards will be learning French, and our Year 5 and Year 6 children will be learning Spanish weekly. We are also offering German and Spanish as a clubs, and La Scuola Italia Broxbourne offers the opportunity for children in Years 1 to 6 to learn Italian; do see the clubs list.

Children will be studying the topic Toys in the first half term.  In history children will study the similarities and differences between toys in the present day compared to the past. Their studies will be enriched by handling toys and learning to play games from the past. In English, children will be writing factual sentences and learning a range of traditional playground chants and poems.  In science children will use toys to investigate forces.  In design and technology they will make a simple toy with a pop up mechanism.  A visit by Hartbeeps on the 27th January, focusing on toys, will enrich their studies.

In the second half of the term, children will be learning about our Wonderful World.  They will be introduced to different countries, their cultures, and special places/ landmarks. In English children will be writing their own imaginative stories based on the fairytale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and learning a range of poems from around world and cultural songs from the book Tam Tam Tambalay by  Helen MacGregor.  Whilst studying the world children will also learn how to create simple maps and how to care for the world we live in.

Over the term in religious education children will be identifying special people in our family and the community, and learning about special books, including the Bible and will be listening to a range of bible stories.  In personal, social and emotional education children will be learning about how to help and care for friends, how to keep safe, and will be identifying and dealing with feelings positively, as well as finding solutions and working towards aspirational goals. They will sing familiar songs and new ones introduced during music, as well as playing percussion instruments and exploring sound patterns. In art they will be exploring colour mixing, a skill which will aid other creative work in the classroom.


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