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Year 2

Autumn 2021

Class studies ~ here are details of the topics that the children are studying this term.

As part of the curriculum, all children, from Reception onwards will be learning French, and our Year 5 and Year 6 children will be learning Spanish weekly. We are also offering German and Spanish as a club to other year groups, and la Scuola Italia Broxbourne offers the opportunity for children in Years 1 to 6 to learn Italian; do see the clubs list.

Year 2 classes

In science the children’s topic Uses of Everyday Materials focuses on the properties of materials and their uses for specific purposes.   In computing children’s studies will focus on email communications and simulation programs.  In geography the children will be exploring the local area and taking part in a walk to reinforce their understanding.  In history children will be learning about significant events in the past, including the Great Fire of London.  In art children will be creating a storyboard of the Great Fire of London, using different media.  In music children will further their understanding of pulse and rhythm, and develop their singing ability.  In religious education they will be discussing how people care for each other, drawing examples from religious stories.  In design and technology children will be making a vehicle, after looking at mechanisms.  They will also be exploring the poetry of Roger McGough.  In PSHE&C children will further their learning about developing positive relationships, and how to manage emotions and feelings.

Summer 2021

Chidren’s studies.   Activities will be adapted for remote education.

Year 2 classes

In science children will be exploring living things and their habitats.  In geography children will be locating and exploring the holiday destinations of Barnaby Bear; this will include localities in France, Netherlands, Norway, Australia and Sri Lanka.  In Computing they will compare digital and non-digital sources of information to help their geographical research.  The children’s poetry studies will focus on the poems of Pie Corbett.  In art they will develop their drawing, painting and sculpture work, based on their studies of patterns in buildings. Their work will include a study of the designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. In design and technology children will be using textiles to make puppets.  In religious education they will be exploring fundamental questions and the way different religions answer these. In music children will explore rhythm, pitch and dynamics, in the context of music around the world.   In P.E. children will be improving their games skills, and creating a dance.
In PSHE&C, children will be learning about changes as they grow up, from being a baby to Year 2, to the transition to Year 3.  They will also learn about setting and achieving their goals.

Spring 2021

Children’s studies

 Activities will be adapted for remote learning.

Across the school in English, all children will be focusing on writing imaginative and thoughtful texts, which are appropriate to task, reader and purpose.   In mathematics, we continue to focus on improving children’s mental arithmetic ability and number fluency, alongside teaching other areas.

Year 2 classes

In English children will be focusing on the poems of Pie Corbett.  In computing children will develop their understanding of digital texts, creating their own digital content (still, moving and animated images and words) using a range of devices and software.  In science children will study animals, learning about life cycles and how offspring grow into adults.  They will also look at how to live a healthy lifestyle, and what plants need to grow healthily. In history children will be exploring the lives of famous people, focusing on Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. To enrich their studies, they will be taking part in a virtual History Off the Page Day.  In music children will study Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev and will compose their own piece of music based on this. In religious education children will be studying beliefs and practices in Buddhism and Judaism, as well as studying Easter in Christianity. In dance children’s work will link to the Chinese New Year festivals, which will involve making up dance sequences in pairs and on their own.  In PSHE&C children will be focusing on how to build and maintain healthy relationships with friends and family members.

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